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Our quality approach is an integral part of the corporate strategy and aims to :

For our clients :

  • to satisfy them beyond their demands 
  • to manage the company by continuous improvement 
  • to ensure the durability of the company

For our collaborators :

  • to manage the skills to meet the requirements of the clients 
  • maintain the staff motivation through active listening and participation of everybody 
  • to work safety in optimal hygiene conditions

For our environment :

  • to minimize our environmental impact

Ongoing process to decline this strategy :

  • Reinforcement of the structure by the internal creation of the QHSE Manager function 
  • Evolution of the ISO 9001 : 2015 Certificate on our business areas in 2018 
    • Medium and large-scale boilermaking, welding andmachining services
    • Assembling, fitting, static testing, dynamic testing and pre-shipment packaging services

Faure Père et Fils doesnt' conceive and develop products for the clients; thus the requirements of ISO 9001 v2015 § 8.3 "conception et development of products and services" are excluded from the scope.

  • ​Obtaining of ISO 3834 certificate
  • Obtaining of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates
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